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myPOS Go for only 149 DKK
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Small, light, affordable and surprisingly functional!

The myPOS Go stands out as being compact, multifunctional and affordable. Its small and portable body makes it the best credit and debit card reader for any small business in the UK. It accepts contactless and mobile payments as well as chip and pin and magnetic cards.

This device is eco-friendly - requires no consumables as it does not use a paper printer. Instead it issues electronic receipts that can be sent to customers via email or SMS. The credit card machine has a constant wireless connection via 3G, making the Go a reliable choice for almost any business.

Buying the myPOS Go is for independent merchants who would like to own a mobile and pocket-sized card machine that comes at a reasonable price while packing a large number of value-added services. In addition, the credit and debit card payments that go through your myPOS Go reader are instantly settled in your free to register multi-currency myPOS merchant account.

When your business starts to grow, the multi-operator mode and tipping feature help for hassle-free tracking of employee’s performance and tip reports. To make sure you’re taking the best decision for your business, compare the myPOS Go price and features with the other mobile credit card machines available in our online shop.

This little machine would be very convenient if you’re a Taxi driver or operate in another industry which requires you to be mobile - travelling merchants, agents and sales representatives on the move.

Take advantage of the competitive price and choose the portable myPOS Go as your debit and credit card reader. You will also get a set of value-added services to help your small business grow.

The ultimate all-in-one payment solution

Embrace the future of card payments. No more monthly/annual service or setup fees for accepting online payments.

Together with your myPOS device you are provided with a wide array of benefits, including:

  • A free e-money merchant account with dedicated IBANs in 14 currencies
  • Instant access to accepted funds
  • Free access to the myPOS mobile app, available for Android and iOS
  • A VISA Business card for instant access to funds and full control of corporate expenses with individual spending limits

What our customers are saying

I’ve been using myPOS for more than a year and a half. The myPOS terminal gives the opportunity to accept card payments from customers who do not carry cash. Immediately after each payment, I can use my funds through the myPOS business card and even withdraw them from an ATM. The myPOS mobile app is convenient as I can check each payment in real-time.

Why choose myPOS Go?

Eco-friendly and paper free

Free DATA card

Powerful battery

Colorful LCD display

Sturdy but light chassis

Durable keypad



Earn additional income by recharging prepaid phones and services directly from your POS device

Payment Request_icon

Payment Request

Request money from around the world and get paid faster than ever



Guarantee your payments and protect your business in the long run



Introduce POS tips to your customers and let them reward your staff

Multi-operator Mode_icon

Multi-operator Mode

Track individual staff performance and split tips hassle-free

Private Label GiftCards_icon

Private Label GiftCards

Encourage clients to buy a card for every occasion and turn your products into powerful marketing tools

Dimensions (L W H)

136mm × 66.6mm × 20.4mm




2.4’ (240 x 320) Colorful LCD resistant touchscreen with signature capture functionality (optional)


Li-ion 1500mAh


100-240V, 50-60HZ, 0.3A



Card readers

Magstripe : Triple track, high coercivity, bi-directional ; Smart Card : EMV & PBOC approved; Contactless : NFC 13.56MHz, support ISO14443, Type A/B/C, Mifare Card (optional)


32-Bit CPU






10 Numeric keys, 9 Function keys

Card slots

PSAM : 1 SIM : 1

Peripheral Ports

1 Multi-functions I/O (2 RS232+1 USB-Host+1 USB Device); 1 Micro-USB




Operating temperature : 0°C to 50°C Storage temperature : -20°C to 60°C Humidity : 5% to 95% (non-condense)

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Does the myPOS Go work offline?

    A: In order to accept payments the device has to be always connected to the Internet over 3G through the data card that comes pre-installed along with it.

  • Q: How do I issue a receipt to a customer with a paperless POS terminal?

    A: These are called "electronic receipts". They are sent to the customer’s email or via SMS through the device after his/her request. Just enter the customer’s email address or phone number and send the e-receipt.

  • Q: How quickly can I see every payment in my IBAN after a purchase?

    A: Right away. It is an instant payment. Processing takes seconds.

  • Q: Can I assign payments from the POS terminal to my bank account?

    A: You don’t have to own a bank account in order to use myPOS. All payments are instantly settled in your own very own, multi-currency myPOS merchant account. Later you can transfer the amounts to any bank account you wish or use the business VISA card we provide to manage corporate expenses.

  • Q: How long does the delivery take after ordering a device?

    A: The devices will be delivered from our local store within 2 days.
    There may be some delays for the Scandinavian countries where it may take up to 5 working days to receive the ordered POS terminals and/or their accessories.

  • Q: What happens if the POS terminal gets lost or stolen? Is anybody able to do any harm to my business with it?

    A: If the device gets lost or stolen, please contact us as soon as possible. The only harm one can do is to accept a certain number of transactions, which later on may have to be charged back (refunded). Your business will have to cover the transaction fees and this is the only harm in case of a lost/stolen terminal.

  • Q: How can I accept payments from customers which would like to pay with mobile phones?

    A: The device uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to accept payments. All cards and devices (incl. mobile phones with an installed e-wallet) can be connected for a payment. Just bring the e-wallet device closer to the terminal.

Ready to buy?

myPOS Go for only 149 DKK

29.00 EUR

(Price excl. VAT)

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