Mini (Black) + Second battery

153 .99EUR

(Excl. VAT)


Transaction fee*


Monthly costs


Shipping (excl. VAT)

15.00 EUR
153.99 EUR

* The promotional offer of 0.90% per transaction is applicable if you sign up until 25.10.2020.

Compact and paper-free POS device, so small that it fits in a pocket. No monthly and annual service fees. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and SIM connection supported. FREE DATA Card for 24/7/365 mobile connectivity across all Europe. Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery; Limited charge voltage: 3.7V; International safety standard: UL1642.


Rental contract

1 year

Free warranty

30 Days

Money-back guarantee

Important: Please note that in order to activate and use myPOS devices, you need to have a registered myPOS account on

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