Boost your sales and brand loyalty

Private Label GiftCards are custom-branded, non-reloadable cards that provide an additional tool for customer retention.

Packages of
100, 200 or 500

Card fee:
1.00 EUR

Loading fee:
1.00 EUR

Shipping: 3-5 business days

No transaction fees

Free brand exposure

Customise and order your first GiftCards through the myPOS Account

You are free to:

  • To choose the design of the cards

  • Add company details or personalised message

  • Load each card with the desired amount

The benefits for your business

  • Bring in new customers and increase sales

  • Turn your loyal customers into brand ambassadors

  • Simple loading through your myPOS terminal

  • Easy tracking and reporting in your myPOS account

To take advantage of myPOS GiftCards you need to have a myPOS Account and a myPOS payment terminal.

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